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Video Production & Post-production,

Digital Content Production,

Social Media Managment

Who are we?

We are a young and experienced team coming up from the factory floor who value horizontal distribution of work than the vertical organization style. 

Following global trends on digital content production/marketing, we love creating need-based productions and to accomplish point shot projects for our clients. 

We believe that every production with a well-planned strategy will always reach its target.



yalın zabun

mehmet ali kangotan

Founder of a full-service video production agency, has honed their skills in a variety of areas, including directing, post-production, storytelling, editing, and color grading. Having a background in filmmaking and a passion for media production, brings a unique perspective and expertise to every project. Elevating a brand's story through creative storytelling, dedicated to delivering exceptional results for each and every client.

Founder of a full-service video agency with many years of experience creating brand-oriented content. Passionate creative thinker, skilled in brand communication and to lead teams and manage video projects from concept to completion. Aims to take a strategic approach to video production to deliver high-quality, results-driven content that connects brands with audiences.

How it works?


We create the best shooting concept together with you that suits the best for the project we agreed upon to serve the best for our strategy.

Right technical equipments and workforce

Not every project has the same conditions. Determining with whom and how we shoot the video is as important as to planning what to shoot in terms of both energy and budget savings.


The right budgeting in video production is an essential like planning the right technical equipment and workforce. Without sacrificing quality, we transparently share the minimum requirements for projects to take place and we determine the pricing accordingly.


For us, every project is unique and post-production phases change with the length of video, demand of creativity, usage of effects, etc. We promise to deliver the finalized project not fast, nor slow — but in the most optimal time it needs.

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